How To Clean A Hot Towel Cabinet? [Explained]

Cleaning a hot towel cabinet is not an easy job, you have to maintain the proper procedures. In this article, we are going to share a step-by-step guide on how you clean your hot towel cabinet at home.

All in all, you have arrived at the ideal place. In this piece of work, we are going to see how you can clean your hot towel cabinet in simple steps.

Cabinets bring so much splendor to your home and require almost no care to make them look new and rich.

Only, with proper cleaning, your piece will stay in a fresh and new look for the years to come.

How to Clean a Hot Towel Cabinet: A Step by Step Guide

Before taking the below steps, first, ensure that you have collected the following elements to start the procedures.

  • Soap
  • Clean clothes/rags
  • Clean towels 
  • Warm water 

1. Disconnect the Machine from the Power

The first step is to switch off, disconnect your unit from power, and wait for some time to cool down before you start cleaning. After the cabinet has cooled, you can then start by removing the old towels, racks, and plates.

2. Wipe all Surfaces in the Cabinet

Wipe all the surfaces in the cabinet using an immaculately damp material. Remember, not to use highly reactive cleaning agents when cleaning inner surfaces as this can affect the towels and other substances when placed back in the cabinet.

3. Clean the Entrances

After cleaning all the inner surfaces, it is now the right time to clean all the entrances. When cleaning the entrances, emphasize more on the seal, an elastic material that lines the cabinet.

You should gently pull it forward and wipe around it. When doing so, it is crucial to use a wet rag or material and you should be keen not to pull the seal forward too hard.

4. Clean the Drip Tray

However, not all models have the drip tray but we will assume your unit has it. With the fact that water usually builds up in the tray, it should be removed and cleaned to avoid any development of molds and rust.

While cleaning the tray, use detergent, water, and soft clean material to wipe the plates. Do it keenly not to form any shapes or cracks and put them aside for air drying.

5. Clean the Outer Part

Now it is time to clean the outer part. Clean the outer part by wiping using a damp cloth.

6. Set Everything Back

After cleaning the outer surfaces, it is now time to set everything back. Start by putting the drip tray and the racks back into the cabinet. But, before ensure that you have wiped them with clean, soft and dry material.

7. Check the Heat Component

You should now check if the heat component is still intact and is working as expected. After everything has been set, it is time to place your fresh towels in the cabinet.

8. Start Warming your Towels

If no other issue, close the cabinet, connect it to power, switch it on and start warming your fresh towels.

Final Words

Cleaning your hot towel cabinet should not be something to worry about now. With the above simple steps, everything is as simple as walking in the park. Share with your lovely one.

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