The 6 Best Hot Towel Cabinets for Salons and Home [2023]

Heated towels are a vital tool for barbers, hairstylists, and spa professionals, but they may also be used at home for personal grooming and relaxation. But, it might be a bother to warm towels in a microwave or a normal oven, especially when you have clients waiting. That’s where hot towel cabinets come in.

These cabinets are intended to rapidly and efficiently warm towels to a comfortable temperature, making them a must-have for any salon or home spa. Yet with so many various types available on the market, picking the finest hot towel cabinet might be a challenge.

For the same reason, we’ve put up this review article, which will help you explore the possibilities and choose the best one for your requirements.

Top 6 Best Hot Towel Cabinet in 2023

In this post, we will present some reasons why you need hot towel cabinets, examine 6 various models, highlight some things to consider when purchasing a towel warmer for salons, and home with address frequent concerns regarding hot towel cabinets, and provide a summary of our results. So, let’s get started and select the best hot towel cabinet for you!

Importance of Hot Towel Cabinet

Hot towel cabinets are not simply a luxury item in salons and spas, they are necessary instruments that may give numerous benefits for both professionals and home users. Here are some of the primary benefits of utilizing a hot towel cabinet:

⦁ Improved Hygiene

One of the most essential benefits of utilizing a hot towel cabinet is its capacity to increase hygiene. Heated towels may successfully eliminate bacteria and germs that may be present on a client’s skin or hair. By employing a heated towel cabinet, you can ensure that each client receives a new, clean towel that is free of bacteria and germs.

⦁ Increased Relaxation

Another benefit of using hot towel cabinets is their capacity to promote relaxation. The warmth of the towel may help calm and relax muscles, making it a perfect complement to any facial, massage, or spa treatment. This can also improve the client’s entire experience and make them more inclined to return in the future.

⦁ Improved Customer Satisfaction

A hot towel treatment may be a simple yet effective approach to making clients feel unique and pampered. By giving this extra touch of luxury, you may boost client satisfaction and make them more inclined to suggest your services to others.

⦁ Versatile Use

Hot towel cabinets are not restricted to usage in salons and spas, they can also be utilized in a number of contexts. Household users might benefit from utilizing a hot towel cabinet for personal grooming and relaxation, such as after an exercise or a long day at work. They can also be used by athletes to warm up muscles before a game or practice.

⦁ Time and Energy Efficiency

Finally, utilizing a hot towel cabinet can save time and energy compared to alternative methods of warming towels. Conventional techniques like microwaving or heating towels in an oven can be time-consuming and may not heat the towels evenly. With a hot towel cabinet, towels can be warmed fast and uniformly, enabling you to focus on giving exceptional service to your clients.

Ultimately, hot towel cabinets are a useful investment for anybody in the beauty, wellness, or personal care sector. With their capacity to promote cleanliness, relaxation, and client pleasure, hot towel cabinets are a simple yet efficient way to add an extra touch of luxury to any service.

1. ForPro Professional Quality Hot Towel Cabinet

The ForPro Professional collection towel warmer is a dependable and easy-to-use equipment that warms towels to a pleasant temperature of 158-176°F in about 30 minutes. It can carry up to 24 facial-sized towels and boasts an insulated cabinet that keeps cold even when turned on all day.

In addition to warming towels, it may also be used for neck warmers, hot packs, and massage stones. The item boasts a high-grade on and off button. Also, it comes with a two-year limited guarantee to assure its dependability and quality.

Key features

⦁ Heats to 158-176°F in about 30 minutes
⦁ Holds up to 24 facial-sized towels
⦁ Well-insulated cabinet that stays cool even when turned on all day
⦁ Can be used for neck warmers, hot packs, and massage stones
⦁ Rust-resistant with high-quality on and off button
⦁ Comes with a water-drip tray and two stainless steel racks.


The ForPro Professional collection towel warmer is a robust and efficient equipment that is suitable for any spa or salon. It distinguishes out for its big capacity and well-insulated cabinet that keeps towels warm without overheating. It is also rust-resistant and comes with a two-year limited guarantee.

Overall, it is a fantastic buy for anybody searching for a durable towel warmer that can be used for a number of purpose.

2. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet

Equipped with two handy shelves and an under-mount drip tray
The Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet is a must-have for any spa, salon, or home where warm, moist towels are needed. This cabinet is meant to keep towels warm and steamy, giving a soothing and relaxing experience for your customers or guests.

The clean and neutral appearance of the Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet allows it to blend in easily with any décor. The cabinet is manufactured from high-quality materials and contains two handy shelves and an under-mount drip tray to make towel storage and clean-up a breeze.

Key Features

⦁ Moist towels keep hot and toasty
⦁ Can accommodate up to 24 typical manicure size towels
⦁ Simple and neutral design to compliment any décor
⦁ Holds a steady temperature of roughly 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


In summary, the Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet is a wonderful investment for any spa, salon, or home that demands warm, moist towels. The cabinet is well-built, easy to use, and can keep up to 24 regular-sized towels at once. What makes this device stand out is its ability to keep a steady temperature and the simplicity of the two shelves and under-mount drip tray.

3. AW Dual Hot Towel Cabinet

The AW Dual Hot Towel Cabinet is a CE certified towel warmer with a 46L extra-large capacity, making it excellent for salons, spas, and massage therapists. With a stainless steel inner chamber, this cabinet provides greater heat conduction and avoids any infection. It contains a microprocessor temperature control system that avoids over-heating, with an average temperature of 158℉.

The cabinet contains upper and lower shelves that allow for convenient and orderly storage of towels, and a detachable tray beneath that avoids leaking. Its towel cabinet can warm both traditional and disposable towels, neck warmers, and massage stones, making it a flexible addition to any spa or salon.

Key Features

  • CE certified towel warmer with a 46L extra-large capacity
  • Stainless steel inner chamber for greater heat conduction and minimal infection
  • Microcomputer temperature management method to prevent over-heating
  • Higher and lower shelves for convenient and orderly storing of towels
  • Can warm both traditional and disposable towels, neck warmers, and massage stones.


The AW Dual Hot Towel Cabinet is a wonderful addition to any salon, spa, or massage treatment business. Its big capacity and numerous warming settings make it a useful and effective tool for any professional. The detachable tray beneath the shelves avoids leaking, creating a clean and hygienic atmosphere. The AW Dual Hot Towel Cabinet is a high-quality product that stands out for its dependability, efficiency, and adaptability.

4. DEPFALL Hot Towel Cabinet

DEPFALL Hot Towel Cabinet is a 2-in-1 towel warmer that comes with a huge 23L capacity and a strong heating system, making it perfect for usage in households, spas, beauty salons, hotels, and restaurants.

The cabinet contains a detachable pan for collecting water throughout the heating process, making it easier to clean. The inbuilt temperature control mechanism guarantees that the towels are warmed evenly and avoids overheating.

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 Hot Towel Warmer for wet towels only
  • CE certified for safety and dependability
  • Improved aluminum chamber for enhanced heat conduction
  • Huge 23L capacity with 2-layer rack that can hold roughly 50-60PCS of regular-sized towels
  • Strong heating technology swiftly and evenly heats towels to to an average of 149°F-158°F.


Overall, DEPFALL Heated Towel Cabinet is a safe, dependable, and durable option for warming towels, making it a wonderful addition to any spa, beauty salon, hotel, or home.

5. StateRiver Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

The StateRiver Towel Warmer Cabinet is a fantastic addition to any spa, salon, or home. It is designed to handle up to 60 little washcloth-sized towels, making it a high-capacity machine that is great for busy workplaces. The device also boasts a high-temperature capacity that maintains a consistent temperature of 175⁰F, guaranteeing that your towels are constantly warm and ready to use.

In addition to its high-capacity and high-temperature characteristics, the StateRiver Towel Warmer Cabinet is also made with an oxidized aluminum inside that resists corrosion, a chrome-plated wire basket, and a water drop tray. It is CTUVus approved and comes with a 70-inch plug cord for convenient operation.

Key Features

  • Large capacity that can accommodate 60 facial-sized towels
  • High and constant temperature of up to 175⁰F.
  • Oxidized aluminum inside to avoid corrosion.
  • Chrome-plated wire basket and water drip tray.
  • CTUVus certified for safety and durability.


Overall, the StateRiver Towel Warmer Cabinet is an amazing product that stands out for its huge capacity, high-temperature performance, and multi-purpose application. It is also straightforward to operate, with no assembly necessary, which making it a convenient and practical alternative for anybody wishing to keep their towels warm and ready to use.

6. Auzro 18L Professional Hot Towel Warmer, Large Capacity Towel Cabinet

The Auzro 18L Hot Towel Cabinet is a versatile and effective solution that is meant to keep towels warm and soft for an extended period of time. It is an excellent purchase for spas, salons, or even households as it can contain up to 48- 60 facial-sized (small, washcloth) towels.

In addition to its excellent heating qualities, the Auzro Hot Towel Cabinet is also user-friendly. The water-drip pan and inside towel rack make it easy to use and maintain, and the cabinet’s modest design ensures that it can fit easily into most locations.

Key Features

  • Up to 60 facial-sized towels holding capacity
  • Contains an internal temperature control so the unit does not overheat
  • Insulated cabinet w/ padded heating element surrounds all internal walls • This unit does not rely on bulbs to heat which burn out
  • Comes with water-drip pan and interior towel rack.


The Elite Hot Towel Cabinet is a wonderful investment for any business or person wishing to keep their towels warm and ready for use. With its compact dimensions, good insulation, and uniform heat distribution, this cabinet is a perfect choice for anyone searching for a reliable and durable towel warming solution.

Things to Consider When Buying Towel Warmer for Salon, and at Home

A towel warmer or cabinet is a must if you value giving your clients the best possible grooming experience as a barber. A warm towel is essential to prepare the skin for a shave or other method of removing facial hair in addition to offering relaxation.

Yet with so many different kinds and models to choose from, finding the perfect towel warmer or cabinet may be difficult. We’ll give you some important things to think about in this post before you buy a towel warmer or cabinet for your barbershop.

⦁ Size

While buying a towel warmer or cabinet, size is the most important thing to take into account. You should consider how many towels you need to heat simultaneously and how much room you have. A lower-capacity model could be more appropriate for you if you operate a small store. A larger machine with a greater capacity, however, would be the preferable choice if your barbershop is larger.

⦁ Temperature control

An adjustable temperature control system is a necessary feature of a decent towel warmer or cabinet. While different treatments demand various temperatures, maintaining a stable temperature throughout the day can provide your clients a better grooming experience. 150–170 °F is a great temperature range.

⦁ Heating element

Cabinets feature a different heating system than towel warmers. Some employ heated lights, while others use heating components. It is recommended to use a heating element since it uses less energy and does not produce heat fluctuations that might harm towels. Incorrect usage of a heating bulb might potentially pose a fire risk.

⦁ Simplicity

Choose a model that has a simple, clean, and straightforward control panel. Cleaning will be simpler if the appliance has a drip tray or retractable towel rack.

⦁ Durability and warrant

As a long-term investment, choose a towel warmer or cabinet that is made from material that guarantee durability. Also, choose a model that bear a warranty. If anything goes wrong, a warranty will guarantee that you can receive a replacement or repair. By taking these crucial elements into account, you’ll be able to choose a towel warmer or cabinet that meets your requirements and gives your clients the finest possible grooming experience.

People Also Ask

How long does it take for a hot towel cabinet to warm towels?

The time it takes a hot towel cabinet to warm towels depends on the model and the amount of towels being warmed. To warm up towels in a towel warmer cabinet, it usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Is leaving a hot towel cabinet on overnight safe?

It is not advisable to keep a hot towel cabinet on overnight since it might cause a fire. Most towel warmer cabinets are only meant to be used for a few hours at a time, and they should be switched off when not in use.

Can I use a hot towel cabinet to warm objects other than towels?

Although hot towel cabinets are intended to warm towels, they may also be used to warm blankets, robes, and even socks. It is, however, critical to check that the objects you are warming are safe to be warmed in the cabinet.

How frequently should I clean my hot towel cabinet?

To avoid the growth of germs and mildew, clean your towel warmer cabinet at least once a week. To avoid smells, wipe the cabinet after any spills or leaks.

Can I install a towel warmer cabinet in my bathroom?

Hot towel cabinets may be utilized in a home bathroom to create a nice spa-like experience by warming towels. Nevertheless, for safety reasons, it is essential to verify that the cabinet is correctly placed and connected into a GFCI outlet.


In conclusion, a hot towel cabinet is a must-have for anybody looking to create a nice and soothing experience for your customers or enjoy a spa-like experience at home. With so many hot towel cabinets on the market, it might be difficult to find the ideal one for your requirements.

But, by taking into account elements like as capacity, heating technique, and ease of use, you can select the ideal hot towel cabinet to meet your needs. We hope that our comparison of six distinct models and answers to frequently asked questions helps you make the right choice.

You may give a wonderful experience for your customers or yourself with the correct hot towel cabinet.