Are Towel Warmers Safe Around Children? [Explained]

Admittedly towel warmers despite being a luxury item are revolutionary ones for their convenience, comfort, and hygienic features.

Guess what, a towel warmer makes a wet towel dry almost instantly, keeps the germs at bay, and is always ready for use. 

That’s great for a child to save them from cold and bacteria. Yet, this may come as a shocker to those who haven’t stopped keeping the towel warmer away from their children.

So, you have to know about towel warmers and it’s safety especially for the kids. Here’s take a look at what experts say on are towel warmers safe around children?

Hot Rails May Cause Fatal Injuries to Babies’ Skin

A towel warmer uses high-frequency electric heat to dry the towels. And, the temperature scale remains quite high in the machine. 

Consequently, the hot rails need time to cool down. Meanwhile, if your baby innocently touches these heated rails, their soft skin will get burned. It may sustain a fatal injury to them.

High-Frequency Electric Power

Towel warmers run with extremely high electricity to quickly heat and dry the towels. When the power switch is ‘On,’ the bars in it accumulate high voltage in them. 

If your children try to hold the warmer off guard, it is most likely that the electricity will harm them severely.

Direct Touching to The Warmer After Taking A Bath

Children will most likely approach the towel warmer directly after their shower to get them a dry and warm towel. 

In such cases, if their hands remain wet, they may be prone to electric shock. This may cause some severe damage to your child’s soft skin and tissue.

The Curiosity of Your Child Is Limitless

Kids are naturally curious by nature, and they like to touch and hold everything around them. So, if you put the towel warmers around them, most likely, they will lay their hands on the machine.

Since it is an electric run machine, any carelessness may harm your children, especially their skin.

How To Keep Your Children Safe?

It is clear that placing a towel warmer around your child, although convenient, isn’t safe by any means. But can you avoid using it?

Of course, no. Hence, it would be appreciated if you took some precautionary measures to prevent any injuries from the towel warmer.

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Always Switch Off After Use

Many pieces of research clearly showcase that most of the electrical shocks happen due to our carelessness, i.e., not switching off machines after use.

So, we recommend you switch off the towel warmer when it is not in use. After each use, check the power button, whether it is switched on or off. This will reduce the injury proneness of your kids.

Place It Out of The Reach of Your Children

Place the towel warmer in a higher position so that your children can’t reach it. This way, you will negate the chance of kids getting injured by the rush of use of the towel warmer.

Teaching Your Kids: The Right Way  

The best way to reduce any chances of your kids getting injured by the towel warmer is to teach them the proper user guideline of the hot towel warmer cabinet.

It will not only help him operate the machine with confidence but also help him understand the value of careful use of any device. So, it is a profitable two-way idea.

Final Words

Electric devices need extreme care and caution during the time you use them. The towel warmer is no exception to it.

If you place a towel warmer around your children, it may cause fatal injuries. Hence, always ensure that the towel warmer is away from your kids.

Let not the device harm your kids’ health. Be cautious and stay safe while drawing the most benefit out of the revolutionary machine.

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