Amba RWH-CB Towel Warmer [In-Depth Review]

One of the most versatile hardwired towel warmers on the market the Amba RWH-CB features a remarkable 10 crossbars to for optimal drying. The bars heat pretty fast making this unit ideal for both commercial and home use.

Here’s a closer look at the appliance, what it has to offer and why you should consider spending your money on it especially if you’re looking for a high-quality towel warmer without compromising on performance.

Benefits, Features, and Feedback

Optimum Heating

The Amba RWH-CB is fitted with bars that heat vertically as well as horizontally. This by extension ensures maximum heating allowing you to have warm and dry towels within a short span of time.

Integrated On/Off Switch

The switches are strategically placed at the bottom of the unit to make sure that you have maximum control over the warmer.

You can even set the duration that you want your towels to heat thanks to the programmable timer making the unit even more convenient.

Sturdy Construction

The RWH-CB is made using heavy duty 304 stainless steel to not only increase its longevity but also the stability. The concealed wiring to the wall reduces the risk of electric-related faults and injuries as well.

Minimal Power Consumption

This towel warmer only consumes power that is equivalent to a couple of light bulbs. Also this towel warmer boasts a UL Certification, making it one of the safest towel warmers on the market.

Customer Feedback

By the this review as being written, the Amba RWH-CB had attracted a sizable number of customer reviews on Amazon with most of the customers hailing it for what it had to offer.

The product has had it’s success with customers. Here are some of the pros and cons summarized:

What I Liked

  • Easy to install thanks to user’s guide in the unit’s package
  • Unyielding and concrete construction
  • Supplied with matching cover plate
  • Highly affordable
  • Long warranty period (2 years)

What I Didn’t Like

  • You may need to weave the towel into the spaces for them to warm fast, but then again that can be done in minutes and may not be a downside per second.

Where to Buy?

While the Amba RWH-CB can be bought across an array of online outlets and stores Amazon would be the most ideal place to purchase it for mouth-watering discounts and an assortment of buying options.

Be sure to check out Amazon to get the most recent prices, buying options and discounts.

Final Words

The Amba RWH-CB radiant will be a worthy choice for the 2022 and beyond. I personally recommend it to you. So, you can consider this model as well.

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