72 Inch Bathroom Vanity Without Top

A bathroom vanity is an essential component of any bathroom decor. It not only adds functionality by providing storage space for toiletries and other bathroom essentials but also enhances the bathroom’s overall aesthetic appeal.

When choosing the right vanity, one size doesn’t fit all. The size of the vanity should be carefully considered to ensure that it fits perfectly in your bathroom space.

What is a 72 Inch Bathroom Vanity?

A 72-inch bathroom vanity is a large unit measuring approximately 72 inches wide. It is designed to provide ample storage and countertop space, making it ideal for spacious bathrooms. These vanities are available in various styles, finishes, and configurations to suit bathroom aesthetics and storage needs.

A 72-inch vanity without a top does not have a pre-installed countertop, allowing you to customize it according to your preferences.

Benefits of a 72 Inch Bathroom Vanity Without Top

Ample Storage Space

One of the primary benefits of a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top is its abundance of storage space. Its generous width allows for multiple drawers and cabinets, providing ample room to store towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials. This ensures a clutter-free and organized bathroom environment.

Versatile Design Options

A 72-inch vanity without a top allows you to have complete control over the design and style of the countertop. You can choose from a wide range of materials, such as marble, granite, quartz, or even wood, to create a customized and unique look for your bathroom. This flexibility in design options enables you to match the vanity with the overall decor theme of your bathroom.

Enhanced Durability

Since a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top does not come with a pre-installed countertop, you can select a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting material for your countertop. This ensures your vanity withstands daily wear and tear, humidity, and water splashes without losing functionality or aesthetic appeal.

Increased Functionality

A 72-inch vanity without a top allows you to install different sinks and fixtures according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a double sink vanity or a single sink with additional counter space, the choice is yours. This flexibility in functionality ensures that your vanity perfectly meets your needs and lifestyle.

Essential Considerations Before Purchasing a 72 Inch Bathroom Vanity Without Top

1. Bathroom Space

Measuring your bathroom space accurately is crucial before investing in a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top. Consider the vanity’s width, height, and depth, ensuring it fits comfortably in your bathroom without obstructing any other fixtures or walkways. Additionally, check for enough space for the doors and drawers to open and close smoothly.

2. Plumbing Requirements

Since a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top does not come with pre-cut holes for sinks and faucets, it is essential to consider your plumbing requirements. Consult a professional plumber to ensure the vanity accommodates your preferred sink and faucet configurations. This will help avoid any extra costs or complications during installation.

3. Storage Needs

Evaluate your storage needs before selecting a 72-inch vanity. Determine the number of drawers, cabinets, and shelves needed to store your bathroom essentials efficiently. Consider the items you need to store, such as towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and makeup, to ensure that the vanity provides adequate space and organization options.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Choose a vanity that complements the overall aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Consider the color, style, and finish options that blend harmoniously with your existing decor. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, rustic, or minimalist design, select a vanity that aligns with your taste and enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom.

5. Budget

Lastly, establish a budget range before searching for a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top. Determine how much you will invest in a high-quality vanity that will meet your needs and preferences. While finding a vanity that fits your budget is essential, remember that investing in durability and quality will pay off in the long run.

People Also Ask

Can I install a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top myself?

You can install a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top if you have the necessary skills and tools. However, hiring a professional for a seamless installation is recommended, especially if you are not experienced in plumbing and carpentry work.

Can I customize the countertop for my 72-inch vanity?

Absolutely! One of the advantages of a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top is the freedom to customize the countertop according to your preferences. You can choose from various materials, colors, and finishes to create a personalized and unique look for your vanity.

Are 72-inch vanities suitable for small bathrooms?

No, 72-inch vanities are generally unsuitable for small bathrooms as they require considerable space. These vanities are better suited for larger bathrooms where they can be the centerpiece and provide ample storage and counter space.

What materials are recommended for the countertop of a 72-inch vanity?

Popular materials for 72-inch bathroom vanity countertops include marble, granite, quartz, and solid surface materials like Corian. These materials are known for their durability, resistance to stains and scratches, and aesthetic appeal.

Can I convert a 72-inch vanity into a double-sink vanity?

Yes, a 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top can be easily converted into a double sink vanity. However, it is essential to consider the plumbing requirements and ensure the vanity has enough space for two sinks and faucets.


A 72-inch bathroom vanity without a top offers numerous benefits, including ample storage space, versatile design options, enhanced durability, and increased functionality. Before purchasing one, consider important factors such as your bathroom space, plumbing requirements, storage needs, aesthetic appeal, and budget.

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